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Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science! -Agatha Heterodyne

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The Cloud Resume Challenge

I thought the Cloud Resume Challenge sounded pretty cool. Here is my journey so far.
Category: Blog Entry The cloud has always been so fascinating to me. Servers are so powerful and incredible that hundreds of people can use them at the same time. Data Centers house so much raw compute power that even AI is becoming possible. This challenge sounded like a fun way to help me learn more about it.

Adventures in self-hosted AI

I really like AI. I really like the cloud. But I really don't want to use sombody else's AI on somebody else's cloud.
Category: Blog Entry Large Language Models and txt2img generators are both fascinating and fun! However I do not want to rely on the cloud to use either of these. I don't want to pay for the privilege of using compute power which I already have at home. Luckily there are open source options for both of these which I can run on my own hardware in my own house.

Basic Computer Troubleshooting Overview

A quick guide to help you fix a misbehaving computer
Category: Educational Article When your computer just isn't doing what you are telling it to or isn't behaving the way you expect. Getting everything back to the way it's supposed to be can be as simple as closing and reopening the problem program.

Graphics Cards through the ages. Part 1: Nvidia

I decided to write up a history of Gaming Graphics Cards. In this episode we explore the history of Nvidia and the GPUs that they have made.
Category: Educational Article The Modern Gaming Graphics card we all know and love today does so much for us. It can help perform blockchain validation, it can run Machine Learning models, and it can even occasionally play video games! It all started with the Unified Shader made for playing 3d games on the PC.

Graphics Cards through the ages. Part 2: AMD

The story isn't done yet, AMD was in the game of making Unified Shader GPUs right from the beginning.
Category: Educational Article AMD basically invented the Unified Shader GPU for the Xbox 360 Just like they invented the 64-bit CPU. But they weren't the first to bring it to the PC platform. This would prove to be a pattern as they lag behind their competitor Nvidia when it comes to getting new features to market.