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Gallery - RC Aviation Adventures

It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer. -Albert Einstein

Where it all started. This Nitro trainer is the first RC aircraft I ever flew and it was already very well loved by the time I got it. It still has it's original engine and electronics. This thing was probably built in the 1980s.
First RC aircraft that I built myself Flite Test mades some foamboard kits that are very friendly for limited budgets and limited tools. I built this one from a kit provided by them. It worked flawlessly using the same electronics as the nitro trainer.
I wanted to build my own This one did not come from a kit. This one is based on an old balsa kit called the Schoolgirl biplane. I converted the kit plans from balsa to foamboard on my own to see if it would work.
Adding the control system. The electronics I used are the same as the old trainer in the background.
Test fitting the wings before assembling them. Making sure both sets of wings fit correctly before putting any real work into them. I cut everything out by hand.
Top wing done and attached! I copied the trainers attachment method. Just some rubber bands holding it down to some posts in the fuselage.
Alternate view of top wing attachment Independent servos for each aileron because these are very small and cheap servos. I don't think they would be strong enough to operate both like the massive servos in the trainer.
Next was the landing gear While I had acquired a very convenient set of carbon fiber front wheels I still needed a tail wheel. So I made one. The bracket is just PLA but the wheel itself is TPU. I hope it holds up.
Attaching the landing gear brakets I was attaching the bottom landing gear brackets when I discovered that a servo had broken loose and needed repair.
First test fit with everything attached. It could finally be fully assembled for the first time. It was almost ready for flight.
First Test Fit Testing the servos with this old radio.
Fully assembled Admire it.
Test fitting the floats! The landing gear brackets allow quickly swapping to floats!