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Dallas Holmstead

Studied Computer Programming. Worked as an IT Technician and Asset Manager for Xbox. Love video games, computers, 3d printing, and RC scale aviation. -Dallas Michael Holmstead

I am Dallas Holmstead, I am a Maker and an Asset Manager. As an Asset Manager I have experience servicing a huge variety of computers and servers used by employees working for Microsoft owned game studios in Redmond. As a maker I have experience in learning new hardware platforms, software tools, physical tools, coding languages, and workflows in a huge variety of environments. Any task that stands between me and my objective will eventually be accomplished.

My Professional Life

Seeking to enable the success of every team member in a challenging position as a Systems Administrator or Asset Manager where I can utilize my skills and experience to ensure maximum uptime for computer systems and servers while providing excellent support and troubleshooting suport. I can solve any technology related problem that other team members may encounter in a timely manner.


IT Professional with over 10 years of increasing scope and experience across diverse configurations, languages, and operating systems. Responsible for procurement, inventory, assembling, deploying, troubleshooting, and finally retirement of PC workstations and test equipment. I wrote scripts and automations to prepare Windows OS environemnts for testing in a fast paced evironment. I always continue learning current hardware trends, programming and automation practices, scripting languages, and AI tools. I have been praised by many Xbox employees as having the most friendly and helpful hardware procurement and troubleshooting experience that they have ever seen in their career at Microsoft. I am very confident and accomplished in supporting PC hardware and the Windows OS throughout the lifecycle of the sysem in a variety of workload environments. As long as I am given time and autonomy I can come up with a solution that works for everyone, everytime. I specialize in enabling the success of every person I support, no matter what they need. I do this by anticipating the needs of the team by working with each team member in understanding their needs and goals and then creating solutions that meet those needs.

Asset Management
Scripting and Coding
PC Hardware Support

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<-- 2013
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Game Tester for Xbox
<-- 2016
2020 -->

Lab Technian for Xbox Test Lab
<-- 2020
Present -->

Asset Manager for Xbox
Work Experience
Microsoft, Asset Manager
Xbox Game Studios: Studios Quality Team, Contractor: Experis
Redmond, WA
July 2020 - Present
  • Own hardware management for over 200 QA testers and developers in Redmond. Including inventory, maintenance, upgrades, recommending solutions and systems based on use case, ordering/opening POs, and distribution/shipping.
  • Upgraded the inventory system from the old untrustworthy database to a new open source self-hosted system called Snipe-IT. Each and every asset was then manually audited to ensure that they new system was fully trustworthy moving forward.
  • Implemented organization practices for hardware inventory to allow for rapid turnaround for equipment requests and an at-a-glance knowledge of availability
  • Used Microsoft Power Automate to improve the existing Azure DevOps task tracking system to implement automatic tasks and ticket creation from incoming email requests.
  • Partnered with the game studios IT departments (343i, Turn 10, Mojang) to update processes for requesting equipment and ensuring that everything was ready for new hires. This included plan and execution for shipping equipment to remote employees.
  • Crafted documentation on troubleshooting guides for new hire set ups, VPN set up, IT Management, and Microsoft resources and procedures.
  • Managed logistics for an office move from one facility to another, including PCs, personal items, and other equipment. Partnering with Sr Director, BA, and move team on requirements for inventory movement, destination layout, remote machines, and other IT needs related to a large move.
  • Manage a team IT personnel - team supports Shield Lab (see below), setting up SQ new hires, inventory tasks, and back-up to IT Manager as needed.
Microsoft, Lab Technician
Xbox Game Studios: Shield Lab, Contractor: Experis
Redmond, WA
July 2016 - July 2020
  • Managed the Shield compatibility and network test lab for Xbox Game Studios.
    (Min Spec. requirement and hardware compatibility testing for preproduction games)
  • Managed the 400 computer systems for the lab to be operational at all times.
  • Built custom automatic OS Imaging system in Powershell capable of taking any .wim Windows Image and appling it to any PC on demand.
  • Developed batch script automation to automatically log into windows, download Windows Updates, download the test build allowing all test machines to be prepared for test passes completely unattended.
  • Built lab server infrastructure. Including files shares for build deployment, virtual machines for access to software tools, large disk arrays to store bug and back up data, and DHCP servers for multiple VLANs. to accomodate Muliplayer and network performance testing.
  • Configured, installed, and supported workstations for all employees.
  • Stocked and maintained spare parts to reduce downtime during repairs for a huge range of configurations focusing on maintaining the highest possible representation of marketshare.
  • Wrote documentation on testing, IT processes, educational and help articles.
Microsoft, Xbox Certification Requirement Test Associate
Xbox Game Studios: Shield Lab, Contractor: CompuCom
Redmond, WA
June 2013 - July 2016
  • Wrote and ran Xbox One Certification Requirement test cases to standards set by the Xbox publisher Requirements.
  • Ran test cases for networking capabilities and limitations on MS Studio titles.
  • Ensured that game software functioned properly at set network limitations and during simulated downtime of online services and identified the threshold at which software failed and wrote bug reports for developers and producers.
DeVry University
B.Sc in Game and Simulation Programming
2007 - 2011
My Personal Life

I have a lifetime of working with desktop PC parts and software. I started with a box of random parts that my father brought home while I was in elementary school. In a cosmic coincidence, at the same time, I also had a PC obsessed teacher in school that taught me how to navigae DOS and Windows. With these powers combined I turned that box of parts into a powerhouse of a PC that I could use as a media, homework, and gaming machine. Using the power of anime and gaming I learned file systems and troublesooting. I have developed these skills from DOS 3.0 all the way through Windows 11. These skills have been invalueable at in my professional life at Xbox. I have used this expertise to keep the workstations and test equipment in perfect working order so that testers, developers, and administrators alike can do their jobs effectively every single day.

I learn best by doing. Trial and Error encompasses my whole life. I do this when designing some part for 3d printing or when creating a new tool for automation at the workplace. It even seeps into my video game time. One of my all time most played games is Kerbal Space Program. Where you build a rocket and launch. The rocket fails in some spetactular explosion and you go back to the drawing board to refine your design. Enough iterations of this and eventually you will reach the Moon, no matter your starting point. This means that I can learn anything when given enough time and space to research and experiment.