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And of course I also didn't miss the chance to include an error into the design. -GreatScott! (youtube)

It all started with the Pip-boy. As a long time fan of Fallout, I have always liked the Pip-boy. The Pip-Boy was a pretty rad analog version of a cyberdeck and I wanted something like it. Not a smartphone though, that's way too lame and practical to be a cyberdeck.
This little guy came along. I have long been on the lookout for a suitable platform to base my vision of a Cyberdeck. The Zima Blade seemed like a very good choice with a quad-core x86-64 CPU and PCI-e x4 port that could be powered via USB!
Then, I met Songbird I met So Mi while playing Cyberpunk 2077. She was the A-Team Netrunner for the President of the New USA in game, and I liked her a lot. She played a big role in the Phantom Liberty DLC for the game and was very similar to the netrunner build I was using for my character at the time.
She had her own cyberdeck This is Songbird's cyberdeck. It seemed perfect. Strap the compute portion of the deck to your leg. Genius!
I added the Flipper Zero to enable quick hacks. In Cyberpunk you can equip a Cyberdeck in game to perform quick hack attacks on enemies. The Flipper zero was the perfect choice to do quick hacks IRL.
Test fit of the combined Zima and Flipper It's a bit bulky, but at the time I wanted the full Cyberpunk experience.
Test fit of the combined Zima and Flipper Maybe it is a little too bulky actually. It would not fit on my leg comfortably. Songbird's deck was narrow and fit along her leg without sticking straight out much.
The final form I removed the Flipper from the deck since the main purpose of the deck was this compute platform anyway. The Flipper Zero was just for RP purposes. I also added a black colored cable management compartment along the top.
Fully assembled and now installing software! The Flipper got it's own module that could be strapped next to the main compute module. Everything got fit together and the OS and software is getting installed.