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We don't rise to the level of our expectations, we fall to the level of our training. -Archilochus

Metal Gear Rex Hands down the coolest mech ever devised.
Metal Gear Rex Some may disagree, but they are wrong
Metal Gear Rex A railgun, an armored sensor suite, a laser, VLS missiles on the legs and back, multiple Vulcan cannons. There is no comparison. If anyone prefers Metal Gear Ray to Rex, then we have beef.
Metal Gear Rex 24 years later, I finally made a fully posable model of the best mech in the world with additive manufacturing technology.
Metal Gear Rex All major components are FDM printed and all joints are made out of bamboo skewers
Metal Gear Rex Solid Snake defeated this monster with nothing but infinite shoulder launched missiles.
Metal Gear Rex Admire it
Metal Gear Rex Admire it